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Until recently, the lack of eretile dysfunction  was a taboo subject, but with increased publicity in the media over  the last few years, even the most reluctant men are beginning to seek medical help and discover the advatages of taking the Blue Pill .

For years, the only treatment option was injections into the penis – Wow  , do we really not want to try that !. Followed by  Viagra, the little blue pill that works directly on smooth muscle – a type of muscle in our bodies that we can’t control consciously – to allow blood to flow into the penis and cause an erection for some men .

To date, Over 15 million men worldwide have used  Viagra to stop their impotence.

Some men are reluctant to take a drug related  pill and have looked eleswhere . Herbal Blue Pills were  released onto the market to give the same effect as Viagra, only quicker in some cases .


Unlike Viagra, which is a pill swallowed with food, Uprima is a tablet that  can dissolves under the tongue and has an effect in 15- 30  minutes rather than the hour it takes for other products to   work.

This fast action means that the drug is more spontaneous than Viagra, which can make a difference to some men.

Men who find erectile dysfunction frustrating, embarrassing and hard to talk about,  may abstain from sex rather than admit to having a problem so using a herbal based blue pill may be the answer .

Wives and girlfriends often don’t realise there is a physical problem and may quite often assume their partners are having an affair or have lost interest.

The main cause of impotence,  is the hardening or obstruction of blood vessels which leads to decreased blood flow. As it is increased blood flow which causes the penis to become erect normally, a lack of blood can often cause erectile problems .

Herbal Blue Pills  work on the principle that if the smooth muscle is relaxed, blood flow will be easier and erectile dysfunction will disappear.

Most of the underlying causes of impotence involve blood vessels, Habits such as  Smoking, diseases like diabetes, heavy drinking and heart problems can all lead to blood vessel obstruction and therefore impotence, in addition emotional issues can exacerbate the problem.

Whilst Viagra’s generalised effects might be better for some men, the faster action and spontaneity of Herbal Blue Pills may suit others better in a lot of circumstances . Both are very straightforward with few side effects.

Many GPs are unwilling to prescribe the drugs themselves so a herbal blue pill alternative may be the first option avaliable .

Because of the immense publicity surrounding impotence, which used to be a problem that stayed behind firmly closed doors, more herbal treatments like blue and pink pills   are being developed all the time. Which is good news for many of you out there .


Erectile dysfunction (ED) is usually associated with increased age. Though it is rarer for younger men to experience ED, it can still happen. A July 2013 study, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, found that 1 in 4 patients newly diagnosed with ED are under the age of 40. Fully half of the patients in the study suffered from severe ED.

ED can be an embarrassing topic to discuss, but is particularly problematic for young men to bring up. Millions of men experience ED and excellent treatment options are available. Both of these factors should make it easier to broach the subject with your health care provider. Though it may be uncomfortable to discuss ED, remember that it can be a sign of an underlying disease that may be life-threatening. Addressing ED will improve both your mental and physical well-being.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction, also called impotence, is an inability to get or maintain an erection that is firm enough for sexual intercourse.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men?

There are a number of different causes of ED. The causes in young men are similar to the causes in older men and can be both physical and psychological in origin. Here are some of the most common causes of ED.


Anxiety, stress, and other psychological conditions can contribute to or cause ED. Nervousness about getting a partner pregnant, fear of losing an erection, condom use, and performance anxiety can all lead to episodic ED. Unfortunately, these simple causes of ED often create a negative feedback loop in which a single incidence of ED makes you more anxious and thus more prone to ED in the future. Depression can also lead to ED.

Narrow Blood Vessels

Decreased blood flow to the penis is the primary cause of ED. Conditions like high blood pressure and high cholesterol can contribute to narrowing of the blood vessels, but they are not the only associated factors. Diabetes, obesity, injury to the penis, and even fatigue can contribute to decreased penile blood flow. A family history of heart disease is also a risk factor for ED after the age of 40.

Hormonal Imbalance

Hormones control both libido (sex drive) and erectile function. Hormone imbalances, such as might arise after anabolic steroid use, can put an individual at a higher risk of ED. Changes in hormones like testosterone, thyroid hormone, and prolactin can contribute to ED.


Prescription, non-prescription, and illicit drugs can all cause ED. Even alcohol and smoking are linked to ED. Always consult with your doctor before you change or stop a prescription drug, even if you think it might be contributing to ED. Once the offending agent is stopped, the ED should subside.

Anatomical Causes

Conditions like Peyronie’s (bending of the erect penis), phimosis (tight foreskin), and other anatomical conditions can lead to ED. Anatomical conditions are often readily amenable to surgical treatment.

What Are the Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men?

The treatment of ED is dependent upon the cause. In general, treatments are the same for both young and old men. Here is a look at several common treatment modalities.

Psychological Treatment

Counseling or therapy to help you deal with stress, depression, performance anxiety, and other psychological conditions are highly effective. In many cases, ED medicines are combined with psychological treatment to help with ED in the short term. The medications are discontinued once the counseling takes effect.

Lifestyle Changes

Obesity, smoking, lack of exercise, and other lifestyle factors can lead to ED. Lifestyle changes that improve your fitness level and help you stop smoking can all be effective in treating ED. Men who drink heavily or use illicit drugs find that reduced consumption and abstinence are beneficial.


There are a number of highly effective prescription drugs used to treat ED. Examples of common ED drugs include Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and Spedra. All of these medications can be purchased at a pharmacy or online. They all work by opening up the arteries to improve blood flow to the penis.

Physical Treatment

The major physical treatments for ED include vacuum pumps and constriction rings. Vacuum pumps are designed to help men achieve an erection by drawing blood into the penis. By pumping air out of a chamber placed on the penis, vacuum pumps create a negative pressure environment that favors blood flow to the penis.

For men with difficulty maintaining an erection, constriction rings are effective. These rings are simply placed at the base of the erect penis to trap blood and help maintain a firm erection


Surgery is generally a last resort for men who do not respond to any of the treatments above. There are two types of surgery. The first type of surgery simply attempts to open clogged blood vessels in much the same way as a cardiac catheterization (cath) does. The second type of surgery implants either a flexible rod or an inflatable balloon into the penis. The rod is bent upward for sex and downward for urination. The balloon is inflated for sex and deflated for urination. Balloons are generally filled with liquid, not air.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a condition in which it is difficult to get or to maintain an erection of sufficient firmness to have sexual intercourse. To achieve an erection, a healthy supply of blood to the penis is necessary along with a properly functioning nervous system and normal libido (sexual desire).

A number of medical and psychological conditions can affect any or all of the systems above, leading to ED and diminishing aspects of your sex life. It is important to know that many medical conditions that affect other body systems (e.g. heart, lungs, etc.) may also affect the penis and manifest as ED. For men over 40 who experience ED, there is a high chance (roughly 80%) that an underlying medical condition is to blame. The following is a look at the most common causes of ED.

Narrowing Blood Vessels

High blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and problems with cholesterol can all lead to narrowing (sometimes called hardening) of blood vessels. The same factors that lead to narrowing of the arteries that supply blood to the heart can also lead to damage to the arteries that supply blood to the penis. For men over the age of 40, ED may be the first symptom of an underlying condition that could lead to heart attack, stroke, or impotence.

Hormonal Causes

In some cases, an imbalance of hormone levels can cause ED. In these situations, individuals often complain of lack of energy, sudden changes in weight, a decrease in libido, and a general feeling of malaise. In a small number of cases, ED is the only symptom of a hormone imbalance.

Nerve Problems

Problems that affect the nerves responsible for an erection include spinal trauma, systemic neurological diseases (e.g. Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, etc.), and prostate surgery. In these cases, neurological symptoms are often obvious and precede ED.

Anatomical Conditions

Changes in the structure of the penis can make it difficult to get an erection. Examples of such conditions include Peyronie’s (bending in the erect penis), phimosis (foreskin is too tight), and a tight frenulum (the skin the links the head of the penis to the shaft). In some of these conditions, corrective surgery will eliminate the problem.

Medicinal Causes

Commonly prescribed medications, such as those used to treat heart disease, blood pressure, and prostate conditions, can lead to ED. Medications like SSRIs are also common culprits. Because these drugs are prescribed to treat serious medical conditions, they should not be stopped without a doctor’s consent. In the majority of cases, cessation of the drug will restore normal erectile function. Keep in mind that alcohol and non-prescription drugs can also lead to ED.

Psychological Conditions

Depression, anxiety, stress, and other psychological conditions can lead to reduced libido and/or ED. Unfortunately, struggling to get an erection can often exacerbate underlying psychological conditions, leading to a negative spiral of worsening ED. Sometimes, prescription drugs for ED are used to improve self-esteem and overcome the negative spiral that starts with psychological stress while more conventional psychological treatments (e.g. counseling) take effect.

Your Lifestyle

ED occurs more often in those who are overweight and do not exercise. It is also more common in those who smoke, drink excessively, or use illicit drugs. Lifestyle plays a major role in both the development and treatment of ED. For individuals with ED, identifying the underlying cause of the condition can lead to targeted treatment options.

Treatments for Erectile Function

Licensed physicians can assess the symptoms associated with ED and develop a customized treatment plan. Drugs such as Viagra and Cialis form the basis of most treatment regimens, but are far from the only options available. In many cases, an ED assessment can be performed without your needing to meet a health care provider in person and treatment can be purchased online.

Questions about erectile dysfunction (ED) are common, but it is also a difficult subject to bring up, even with a physician. Many men also want to know if some of the information that is floating around the web is true. Here are some answers to common questions about ED.

1. Does Viagra Affect Fertility?

There have been a number of recent reports stating that Viagra can damage sperm. While it is possible for Viagra to cause sperm damage, actual cases are rare. The vast majority of cases of “infertility” are due to ED. Viagra, and drugs like it, improve your sex life and the chances of pregnancy, though they don’t directly improve your sex drive.

2. Can I Take Viagra If I Have Diabetes or Cardiovascular Diseases?

Viagra and other drugs designed to treat ED can safely be taken by individuals with a number of medical conditions including diabetes and cardiovascular disease. ED is actually more common in individuals with an underlying medical condition. Treating the medical condition and taking Viagra at the same time is an effective way to address ED. You will need to check with your doctor before starting any ED treatment to ensure that it will not interfere with any other medication you are taking.

3. Is Erectile Dysfunction a Natural Part of the Aging Process?

Erectile dysfunction is not a part of normal aging. That said, ED becomes increasingly common with increasing age, a result of the fact that the medical causes of ED become more common with age. Things like high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol all contribute to the development of ED, particularly in men over the age of 40. A healthy lifestyle, devoid of smoking and with only low to moderate alcohol consumption, can help to ward off the development of ED my promoting healthy blood vessels.

4. Can Tiredness Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Libido (sex drive) and your ability to get an erection can both be affected by fatigue and lack of fitness. Additional factors that can lead to ED include alcohol and drug use as well as smoking.

5. Does Excessive Masturbation Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Masturbation does not lead to ED unless you injure your penis in the process. That said, excessive masturbation may provoke instances of ED simply by causing fatigue. Normal masturbation will not cause ED.

6. Do Tight Jeans and Underwear Lead to Erectile Dysfunction?

Tight clothing cannot cause ED. Tight clothing can, however, lead to infertility by reducing sperm count.

7. Do I Have Erectile Dysfunction Because I’m Not Attracted to My Partner Anymore?

Unfortunately, ED can be a result of loss of attraction. It is important not to jump to conclusions, however, as there may be other causes of ED that have affected self-esteem, libido, and your attraction to your partner. Before concluding that loss of attraction is the cause of your ED, it is important to consult with a physician to explore the possibility of underlying causes.

8. Can Using a Bad Saddle on a Bicycle Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Even a good bike seat, when used excessively, can lead to ED. Both the nerves and blood vessels that are responsible for an erection run through the area of your body that experiences the most pressure from a bicycle seat. Prolonged compression of these structures can lead to ED. Be sure to use a good saddle and to take frequent breaks to reduce the risk of damaging the nerves and blood vessels in your pelvic region.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) can result from a number of different disease processes, each of which requires a different treatment approach. In some limited instances, a single case of ED may have several combined causes and thus may require several different treatment approaches.

Examples of conditions that can lead to ED include high blood pressure (hypertension), diabetes, high cholesterol, and obesity. Even smoking is a risk factor for ED. Though each of these conditions can be treated, it is important to note that treating the underlying cause of ED may not be enough. Treating the ED directly is important, and something that should accompany treatment for any underlying medical condition. Below are several treatment modalities used to address ED directly.

Psychological Treatment

The causes of ED can be broadly separated into physical and non-physical categories. Non physical causes of ED include stress, performance anxiety, and other underlying psychological conditions. If a psychological condition is underlying ED, counseling and a medical regimen designed to promote mental well-being are often prescribed. In most cases, medical treatment of ED accompanies psychological treatment until such time as counseling can resolve the underlying issues.

Physical Treatment

The vast majority of ED cases are physical in nature and the vast majority of these cases are related to insufficient blood supply to the penis. Physical treatments for ED primarily focus on restoring blood flow, which can be done in a variety of ways. Here is a look at the two most prominent physical treatments for ED.

Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pumps are designed to draw blood into the penis by creating a subtle vacuum. The device is placed over the penis and a bulb is gently squeezed to remove air from the pump. This vacuum environment then draws blood into the penis by creating a pressure differential. Most of these pumps have a constriction ring (see below) that helps to maintain an erection after the pump is removed. For mild cases of ED, vacuum pumps are highly successful.

Constriction Rings

Constrictions rings are designed for cases of ED in which arousal is sufficient to achieve an erection, but maintaining an erection is difficult. After an erection is achieved, a constriction ring is placed at the base of the penis to trap blood in the aroused penis and make it easier to maintain an erection.

Prescription Drugs

Prescription drug treatment is the primary means by which ED is addressed. Even when the underlying cause of ED is determined to be psychological, prescription drugs designed to improve blood flow to the penis are still useful. Here is a list of some of the most common prescription drugs used in the treatment of ED.


Viagra, which is also called sildenafil citrate, is the best known treatment for ED because it was the first major prescription drug to successfully treat the condition. The blue, diamond-shaped pill is taken prior to sex (usually up to ninety minutes prior) and works by increasing the supply of blood to the penis. Though Viagra is highly effective, some users complain that it feels unnatural to take and that erections occur after taking Viagra even if the desire for intercourse has subsided.


Sildenafil is the active ingredient in Viagra. It can be purchased as a generic alternative to brand-name Viagra.


Cialis, also called tadalafil, is becoming increasingly popular because it is easy and convenient to use. Cialis lasts longer than Viagra, which means that it can be taken hours before sexual activity commences. In fact, Cialis remains active for roughly thirty-six hours compared to Viagra’s four.


Levitra, also called vardenafil, is a newcomer to the market. Its mechanism of action and duration of effect are both similar to those of Viagra.


Spedra is similar to Viagra and Levitra, but has a faster onset of action. It should be taken approximately 30 minutes prior to sex.

All of the prescription drugs listed above are safe in the majority of cases. Most men experience positive results with any of drugs listed above and do not experience significant side effects. Talk to your health care provider about the ED treatment options that may be available to you.

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